Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Home Made Sandwich

Ingredients :

White Egg
Carrot, slice thin
Mushroom (any type u wish)
Soy Sauce
Cooking Oil
Chili Sauce

How To :

Heat the pan, and add a little drop of cooking oil.
Saute the right amount of Garlic, until it's become golden brown, but don't let it burn
 (otherwise, it will be taste bitter, errr i did it)
Separate the egg yolk from the white egg, and make it scramble. 
(i prefer the white,but if you love both, then do it as your preference).
Add the mushroom (that you have rinse thoroughly), sliced carrot (which is marinated in sugar and salt, so the carrot is taste better and flexible, you can rinse them, or let it be, so you don't have to add more sugar/salt to the cooking)
Add a drop of Soy Sauce. Stir them well, until all mixed together, 
Sprinkle some dried herbs, i choose oregano, Because i love the smell and it's healthy!!
Or you may add another herbs, like Parsley, etc (you name it)

Grab the Baguette, that you have toast em' (if you like crisp,you may oven with butter)
Add the filling into the Baguette and ready to serve!

More tasty with chili sauce or ketchup, Yummmy!

Simply delicious right?

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